Inigo Montoya (Doggie)

Chief Doggie


Chief Doggie

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Doggies need a BEAUTIFUL GEORGIA HOME too!!!


Inigo Montoya

Thanks for visiting my page. I am Inigo Montoya the Chief Doggie at Beautiful Georgia Homes.

It is my doggie honor to serve as mascot to such an extraordinary group of Real Estate Agents/REALTORS. I am here to cause a smile, any time it is needed.

I love riding in the car. It gives me a chance to care for those riding with me while I practice my barking skills. As you've probably figured, I cannot speak like most of you do. My only way of communicating is barking. That's how I say hello. I enjoy barking at the windshield wipers, at anyone I can spot from our vehicle riding on a motorcycle, in a convertible, or even walking down the street.

I am a little shy at first. So when you meet me, please allow me time to get to know you. I am not a fan of unfamiliar fingers approaching my face, and especially being approached from up above, it feels a little scary and intimidating. I really love healthy mommy/daddy-approved treats!

If you want to get a reaction from me, just ASK ME A QUESTION.

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