What are the initial documents that a loan officer would need to see to issue you a mortgage PRE-APPROVAL?

When visiting a loan officer, it's a good idea to arrive to your appointment with the documents that will help the lender determine your credit standing/worthiness, income, debts, current assets, and your current immigration status.

The initial documents that a loan officer would need to review, to issue you a mortgage pre-approval, boil down to the following basic listed items:

● Official ID: Driver's License/Passport

● Social Security card

● If not a US Citizen: green card/work authorization

● Pay stubs: Last 30 days

● Bank statements: Last 2 months

● W2 or 1099: Last 2 years

● Tax returns: Last 2 years

Upon reviewing your documents, based on your particular case, the loan officer might require that you gather and present other additional documents to complete your loan pre-approval. Other documents might include items such as a divorce decree, evidence of alimony, evidence of child support, evidence of retirement/pension funds, etc.

The more prepared you arrive to your initial pre approval appointment with the lender, the better is your likelihood of getting a loan pre-approval, on the spot that same day. Keep in mind that your current credit score, income and debts play an important part in a loan officer determining your credit worthiness.

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