Soshana Cockrell - MANAGING BROKER

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3985 Steve Reynolds Blvd., JLG Bldg. D Norcross, GA 30093

It is such an honor to be the knowledge base and support to such an extraordinary and growing group of Real Estate Agents/REALTORS. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are so unique, creative, positive, motivated, forward minded, and so encouraging. This encouragement propels me to give the very best of myself in anything that I do. My mother always encouraged me to do everything as if I were doing it for God. Therefore, that's how I've been programmed.

I was born in Brooklyn NY to Panamanian parents and raised in Puebla, Mexico. As a result, I jokingly consider myself Pana-Blaxican-American. But seriously, I don't think I can find the proper words to express the level of how proud I am of my black hispanic heritage, and my gratefulness to have been immersed into the rich Mexican culture at such an early age. So, for those who wondered why I am bilingual, that is the reason why.

I recognize that my formative years in Mexico played a significant part in who I am as a person today. Living in Mexico taught me true kindness, humbleness, humility. I played with the rich kids and the poor kids too. Mexico taught me that there is always enough food for everyone, even when unexpected guests arrive. It showed me that even though I was the one who looked different, the love I received was unconditional. I learned to be proud of who I am and to never allow anyone to make me feel less than. Yes, I do love diversity and uniqueness. I have so much more to say about Mexico, but I feel that this is enough to help readers understand why my passion to give back to the community and others as a whole is so great.

It is so fantastic to be part of something that has such a great impact on others. It is wonderful that our Real Estate work is needed, is important, and has value. I am thrilled that the work that we do allows us to be the best people that we can be. It allows us to be creative, to use our past work and life experiences to grow.  It helps us connect with other positive minded people, and it has personally given me the ability to extend opportunities of growth for those who are ready to put in the work and truly want it.

As far as my background, I have a dual degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a degree in Spanish with a concentration in International Business. I certainly have a love for learning and teaching others. It is wonderful to enable others through education, to reach goals they have set for themselves. As far as work experience, I've been honored to have worked for major companies such as The American Cancer Society, Emory University, Alltel, AT&T and I even worked as a professional linguist in the Federal Government. Each of these roles have served as building blocks, carving the role which I play today. I learned to coordinate large international conferences, acquired database development skills, worked as the head of training, as a technical writer, developed a video training series, and served as a consecutive/simultaneous language interpreter. I have finally landed into the permanent position that I have today, which enables me to use everyone of my learned experiences from the past. What a huge blessing this is.

Beautiful Georgia Homes was created as home to Real Estate agents who are loyal, who want to grow with the company, who want to learn and to do things the right way. To provide its agents the opportunity to be part of a company who encourages creativity and differentiates itself from other well known companies. We take pride in always looking ahead of the trends, for opportunities to help our clients achieve financial wealth by way of Real Estate.